Social media understandings

Should we leave it to social media to save the world?

Sketching up some of the ways people look at social media

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to Linkedin and a snapchat. Social media are taking more and more of our time and focus. And as we move further and further into these landscapes. the way we look at them get more and more detailed. Here are a few examples

Illustrated landscapes of Social media:

Social media is the bar

Drawing of three guys hanging out in a bar with a robot as bartender
Is Social Media the reality bar we hang out in, gossip in and share stories in?

More and more people prefer to hang out online, instead of with their friends or family, closely knit families like each other more on Facebook, than in real life, and share stories in digital media to make them real.  Has the bar and the pub has moved online?

The digital Fix

Drawing of a man smoking social media
Social media fix – are we social media addicts?

Today there are people on social media re-hap – going through treatments that are similar to the ones alcoholics and drug addicts are helped by.  More and more consider themselves addicted to social media, needing their fix, both day and night. Some are on Facebook, others addicted to Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. Depending on where they get most of their kicks… Are social media a new kind of digital drugs

Saying NO to social media

Woman with a no-phone T-shirt saying We are real, put your phone away
Saying no to phones, cameras and social media is becoming more and more normal.

Smoking used to be allowed everywhere, people would smoke in cars, in trains, in offices, in restaurants, children’s rooms…. At parties, meetings, in schools, kindergartens and in kitchens. But then something happened, smoking became off-limit. A new culture changed how smoking was viewed and accepted. Will we see the same thing happening to how people use their phones? some places will be off-limit?

Social media – an essential need, like water?

Drawing of cold, digital and hot tap water
Is social media an essential need, like water?

A lot of people today consider their phone among their most essential things. People would take a phone with them on a deserted island, more than anything else. Leaving in case of fire, that is what many grab. Refugees leaving everything behind, needs power-outlets for their phones on their long walk to safety. Social media and being connected to family and friends have many times been shown to be more important for thrive than comfort and safety.  Should we consider social media a human right, like clean water?

Can social media be the door to a better future for all? 

Should we leave it to social media to save the world?
Social media – a door to a better ( digital) future?

Social media are by some considered a new reality, with its very own landscape, sun, hills and forests. Monsters, friendly dwarfs and the dream of a new reality, only limited by our imagination… some say we are all ready in a reality like that… so no need for yet another layer of virtual reality over the one we live in today.

Text, thoughts and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt. (